12 September

Reports and Photos from UK Release of “The Captive” (aka “Armistice”)

M & R Films released “Armistice” (starring Joseph Morgan and Matt Ryan) in the UK under the title of “The Captive” with distribution by 101 Films on August 25, 2014. Thanks to our awesome viewers, we received reports and photos about the progress of the film on store charts, which we’ll share with you below: […]

31 March

Best Horror Movies review of Armistice

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Armistice asks viewers to climb inside one man’s mind, where logic seems to be dwindling, and the unfathomable dominates all things. Release Date: January 7, 2014 Directed By: Luke Massey Written By: Luke Massey, Benjamin Read Starring: Joseph Morgan as A.J. Budd Matt Ryan as Edward Sterling With time and the leisurely coming of wisdom […]