12 September

Reports and Photos from UK Release of “The Captive” (aka “Armistice”)

M & R Films released “Armistice” (starring Joseph Morgan and Matt Ryan) in the UK under the title of “The Captive” with distribution by 101 Films on August 25, 2014. Thanks to our awesome viewers, we received reports and photos about the progress of the film on store charts, which we’ll share with you below: […]

7 February

FEARNET: Exclusive: Joseph Morgan Talks ‘Armistice,’ ‘The Originals,’ and Producing

If you like Joseph Morgan, you’ll love Armistice. If you don’t like Joseph Morgan, Armistice just might change your mind. Joseph plays A.J. Budd, a Royal Marine who wakes up one morning and discovers he is alone, locked in an unfamiliar house. There is absolutely no escape, no TV, no radio, no books. His only excitement is a […]

28 January

Yahoo! Interview: Luke Massey Talks Armistice

Taking drastic measures in life is a continuous fight not everyone is accustomed to, or ready for, as they strive to accomplish their goals and obtain what they want. Luke Massey, who made his feature film writing, directing, cinematography, editing and producing feature film debuts with the new independent horror thriller, ‘Armistice,’ proved that working […]

28 January

DreadCentral: Joseph Morgan Talks Armistice, The Originals, and Being Klaus

Recently we caught up with “The Originals’” Joseph Morgan to talk a bit about his latest film, Armistice, as well as playing the anti-hero and of course the finer and favorite parts of portraying Klaus Mikaelson. Read on for the goods. First, Morgan spoke about what attracted him to Armistice. “Working with the director, Luke […]

27 January

On Demand Weekly: VOD Spotlight on Joseph Morgan

In the role of Royal Marine, A.J. Budd, Joseph Morgan (IMMORTALS, “The Originals”) stars in this brutal psychological and supernatural thriller, in which he finds himself trapped in the Warhouse. Imprisoned, he is forced to fight for his life against grotesque, inhuman opponents. He must kill every day or die himself. His one glimmer of […]