31 March

Best Horror Movies review of Armistice

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Armistice asks viewers to climb inside one man’s mind, where logic seems to be dwindling, and the unfathomable dominates all things. Release Date: January 7, 2014 Directed By: Luke Massey Written By: Luke Massey, Benjamin Read Starring: Joseph Morgan as A.J. Budd Matt Ryan as Edward Sterling With time and the leisurely coming of wisdom […]

22 March

Armistice gets VOD release in Canada

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Armistice now has a VOD release in Canada on iTunes! Click the icon below to download.. Subscribe to the Armistice mailing list for updates about release dates for VOD /Theaters /DVD, interviews, news and more… CLICK HERE

16 March

Joseph Morgan Battles His Demons with Armistice DVD Release

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Joseph Morgan is battling his demons again with the new release of his horror thriller, ‘Armistice,’ on DVD. XLrator Media distributed the film this past Tuesday, March 11, on home entertainment, after releasing it on VOD on January 7, and in theaters on January 31. Besides Morgan, the horror thriller also stars Matt Ryan, the […]


What the press are saying...

  • Wendy Shepherd/

    “Warhouse is an unforgettable, emotion ridden psychological thriller that stays etched in your mind.”

    - Wendy Shepherd/
  • Karen Benardello/Shockya

    “A much-needed psychological take on the genre.”

    - Karen Benardello/Shockya
  • Fred Toppel/Crave online

    “80 tight minutes of suspense. Has the feeling of the original Saw… Gripping and compelling.”

    - Fred Toppel/Crave online